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Each podcast, Troy Pavlek digs into the basket and cracks one open, discussing local politics and other stories around Edmonton
02 Mar, 2016
Irfan Chaudhry talks ward 12 campaign and future plans
Irfan Chaudhry joins Troy Pavlek again in the studio to recap his campaign, talk future plans, and play a game or two on this episode of the Basket of YEGs Podcast

Show Notes:

For all complaints about the difficulty of this episode's Top of the Muttart, please direct all vitriol at Lincoln Ho.

  • Radial Railway Society
  • The Great Divide waterfall was formerly a project on the High Level Bridge. It dumped water. Like a waterfall.
  • I should have said "The nina, the Pinta and..." Alas, caught up in the moment.
  • Famoso did, in fact, start in Edmonton.

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